This is a quick suggestion to put out there for the creative agencies that design and build banner and rich media ad units and are now entering the HTML5 world.

Clients want HTML5 – what now?

Quick Solution:
Output Flash using CreateJS plugin
Output Flash using Swiffy plugin

Short-term Solution:
Animate using Adobe Edge for animation and simple interactivity. Edge will allow you to inject rich media company code into your project while it’s a little more difficult with other tools.

Long-term Solution:
Swallow it and learn HTML5 – or hire people who will. The best way to create HTML5 rich media and to innovate is a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JS.

The process of building a HTML5 Creative:

1. Include a “creative technologist” or HTML5 developer in brainstorms. They can help you reel-in your creative team OR expand the ideas with technology they didn’t know existed. Including the person with the HTML5 experience is the best way to avoid issues in the long run.

2. Prototype. The creative technologist should be able to put a quick prototype together to make sure the technology will work across browsers and devices.

3. Designated QA DURING the build. While the developer is building on a device, a QA person should be viewing the creative in other devices that the ad will appear on in the campaign.